Hostage Taker Quarterly

The journal for the professional or amateur hostage-taker

Current Operations

Current operations are, by their very nature, clandestine. We have chosen not to document them on our external Web site, and make them available only to our operatives in the field by means of frequency-hopping steganographic wireless technologies.

Hostage-Taking Archives

The Vacation From Hell (attn: Mr. "S")

The Interrogation of Buzz Lightyear

The notorious John A.C. Goodwin was vanquished. See the photo shoot that started it all.

Other Stuff

Several episodes of Carol Lay's "Story Minute" strip describing a similar, but hardly-serious-enough-to-be-rival, operation.

The Save Dade campaign links to us (as "High Tech Queers") on their list of National GBLT Advocacy & Political Organizations. We keep being tempted to tell them what we're really doing here, but then we forget.