The Vacation From Hell

or, Innocent Characters Led Down The Wrong Path

After being deserted by their beloved Master, Mr. "S", Bugs and Daffy quickly became bored of the empty
office environment in which they had been abandoned. Daffy tried to amuse himself by dressing up as Bugs,
but this novelty soon wore off. The little characters set out into the world to find Mr. "S".

They searched the jungle.

They questioned superior space beings if they had seen Mr. "S" in their travels.

They asked fellow cartoon characters if they had any information. Unfortunately, they happened upon
The Evil Bugs and Evil Daffy, who saw the opportunity to take advantage of these naive little adventurers.

The Evil Two led our little friends astray, taking them to a sleazy bar.

Alcohol was forced upon them.

And cigarettes.

After Bugs and Daffy were thoroughly intoxicated, The Evil Two kidnapped them, taking them to their
torture chamber of horror. After recording evidence of their capture...

they were strung up, and left hanging in the dungeon. The Evil Two returned to their leader,
The Evil Mistress S.L.R.G. to await further orders.

If Mistress S.L.R.G. does not receive her ransom demand of one pair of Canadians hockey tickets
in time, there is no telling what could happen to these two innocent wanderers.

We can only hope that Mr. "S" returns from his vacation soon. Very soon.

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